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Sales Agent Demystified

Sales Agents are often misunderstood participants in the distribution process so this article will give insight into their role and responsibilities within the distribution process. Continue reading Sales Agent Demystified


Essential Film Marketing Activities

Every film has its own unique combination of marketing activities and its the distributor’s job – often in collaboration with the producer – to define these elements and communicate the message of the film accordingly. The main challenge for a distributor is to translate the awareness of a film into a “want to see” and ultimately a “want to pay for” attitude.

The following includes a list of marketing and promotion activities that can be employed: Continue reading Essential Film Marketing Activities

5 Steps in Creating a Film Marketing Campaign

After years of hard work, going from development through post-production, your film is finally complete. Congratulations, now comes the hard part! Film marketing is a difficult business, particularly in the independent arena where budgets are tighter and there is competition for audience attention across many fronts. In this type of market, producers and distributors must be savvy in order to rise above the noise.

A film can only be launched once and carefully preparing a film marketing campaign offers the best opportunity to translate audience awareness into revenue streams. Below is a series of steps that should be considered when developing the marketing campaign. Continue reading 5 Steps in Creating a Film Marketing Campaign