VOD Rights Models

Video on demand is a service provided by online platforms that allow consumers to view content instantly through internet connected devices such as; laptops/PC, internet connected televisions, console/over-the-top box connected TV’s, tablets and smartphones. For filmmakers there can be some confusion in the breakdown of rights models, but there are three categories to consider when negotiating contracts or revenue streams. Continue reading VOD Rights Models


The Digital Audience

A filmmaker’s relationship with an audience has become more important than ever in recent years. Enabled by digital technologies filmmakers are being given the opportunity to connect with an audience for their film from day one and continue that relationship until the release of the film. Never before have independents with limited budgets been given such autonomy and license to control the distribution and marketing of their film.

Analysing it a little further, I’m going to briefly summarise three fundamental ideas that stem from digital technologies and their relationship to audience: interaction – international – innovation. Continue reading The Digital Audience